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Three Tips


Five Ideas

for Making an Energetic Connection with Yourself

Feeling Connection

Relaxed Attention

Neutral Intention

  1. Know the Location:  Each energy-active position we use in these inner pilgrimages can be accessed by bringing your attention to the appropriate physical landmarks on your body. These physical landmarks are not one and the same with the energy-active position, but they serve as easy positions from which your awareness can be drawn into the energy movement at that position. Since most of us can feel our physical body more easily than our energy field, it makes sense to first bring attention to specific positions on our bodies which act as gateways to the energetic.

  2. Get a feeling contact with the position, as opposed to thinking about the position, or even visualizing it.

  3. Relax Your Attention. Don’t try to force your way into a connection. It just doesn’t work. Energy contact is best made if you create a feeling contact with the place on your body that you are working with, and then let go and relax your awareness. Let your attention be “loose” and let the energy-active position do the work of drawing you in.

  4. Neutral Intention: This means that when you make an energetic connection you are present and paying attention, but you are not trying to make anything happen, nor are you trying to prevent anything from happening.

  5. Move slowly and consciously between positions: Whether you are moving your attention within your body, on your skin-surface, or in the energetic space around your physical body, there is much to be experienced between the landmarks of your inner journey. Moving slowly between positions, not leaping spasmodically between positions, especially when you are moving your awareness outside your physical body, also helps you to develop a necessary sense of control over the movement.

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