Can You Feel It?
Words and music by Ron Hill*, additional lyrics & arrangement by Jim Gilkeson
©Copyright, 2019, by Jim Gilkeson. All rights reserved.

As the sun slowly sinks  / in the skies of yesterday / And the world is slowing down / and the stars come out to play / When the dreams of a lifetime / kinda pop out of the ground/  Like a hundred silver dollars / lined up waiting to be found / Can you feel it?

All the world is a jewel  /just waiting to be seen / It's the moment of surprise / That wakes you from a dream / Oh, can you help me say it, / using nothing but a smile? / Can the glow behind your eyes / come outside and play awhile? / Can you feel it?


*This is not the only worthwhile song that has only been heard in the coffee houses and 3.2 beer bars of 1960’s Wichita, KS. I have been unable to locate, by hook or crook, Internet or grapevine, my old friend, Ron Hill, who wrote this song and last sang it in my hearing fifty years ago. Including it here, among a set of “original songs,” is not my way of announcing that I am hereby stealing it. Far from it, I always wanted to record this song and it's here, with all credit to Ronnie Hill when he surfaces again. The search continues.


Jim: vocals, ac. guitar

Reed: drums

Uffe: lead guitar and bass

Ria: vocals