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This was my first book on energy healing. A big undertaking, really. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Enter Hal Zina Bennett, my editor and writing mentor. It was Hal who gave me the tools to communicate with a reader. ~Jim

Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth

Foreword by Hal Zina Bennett, M.S., Ph.D.


OPENING TALK: The Healer’s Predicament

This “opening talk” addresses the challenge of discovering and developing your healing gifts as well as the particular situation of those who sense that their path as a healer is intertwined with their spiritual path. Also addressed is the shift in orientation from symptom to transformation of the individual which energy healing necessitates.



1.  Experiencing the Presence of Energy

This Laboratory presents important first steps in the practice of energy healing, namely, our ability to directly experience the medium we are to work in. This laboratory chapter provides you with personal exercises for becoming familiar with the etheric, the aspect of your energy field which immediately surrounds and penetrates your physical body.


2.  Energy-Active Positions on the Body

This Laboratory acquaints you with some of the stable features of the subtle energetic anatomy which come into play in energy healing work; introduces a simple but effective energy healing treatment.

3. The Energy Kiva

The subject of this Laboratory is the energetic environment in which you do your healing work, stressing the role of safety, containment and energetic alignment and expansion of consciousness in healing. A useful “first-aid” treatment is introduced.


4. Healing the Etheric

This Laboratory acquaints you with the many factors that affect the etheric, giving us clues as to how it can be healed. Personal exercises are introduced for the deep exploration of the etheric and how to heal blockage that impedes its free movement.


5. Working with the Chakra System

Part I of this Laboratory provides a profile of each chakra, its functions, polarities and potential problems. Part 2 provides you with a means of working in a healing way with your individual chakras and Part 3 focuses on the important role of the lower chakras and provides exercises specially designed for their healing.


6. Exercises with a Release Phase

This Laboratory is about the role of physical and emotional release in healing. Energy exercises with a “release phase” are introduced. A final healing exercise is provided which combines most elements introduced in this book.


CLOSING TALK: A New Look at Polarity in Healing

This “closing talk” takes up the subject of “progressive healing,” that is, healing which brings us forward, into a “new place” in our lives. We will look at the tendency of energy healing to introduce new impulses from higher dimensions of consciousness and produce profound progressive change. Central to this chapter is a new look at the role played by the principle of polarity in healing.

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