Family Reunion
Words and music by Jim Gilkeson
©Copyright, 2019, by Jim Gilkeson. All rights reserved.

When somebody dies, or otherwise,
Slips out of your life
And you weren't aware
or you just didn't care
'Til it hits you once or twice
So she hits the floor, or she walks out the door,
She's a cousin that you never knew
Tears are great,
But they come too late
When it all comes down on you

Curiosity in the family tree
And the way the branches bend
In an odd collection, with Facebook connection
Only some of us are friends
Still, I give you my number, you'll give me a call
We'll catch up in a month or two
Oh, the things that play
In your DNA
When it all comes down on you

 (Down on you)  We move across the country
Even leave the USA
(Down on you)  Everyone of us becomes a PIECE OF WORK
What else can you say?
So we meet at a Family Reunion
And when the talk is finally through
There you stand
With your drink in your hand
When it all comes down on you

So you reappear
After thirty year
And try to pick a fight
Or get recompense
Or mend a fence
Because we all still look alike
In the imagination
Of my generation
There were things we forgot to do
Was it Elton John
Or Blonde on Blonde
When it all came down on you?

A first-cousin of mine died unexpectedly. I never knew her—we live(d) at opposite ends of the country—and this led me to ponder how people with whom I share vast amounts of familial DNA can be virtual strangers.

Jim: vocals, ac. guitar

Reed: drums

Uffe: lead guitar and bass

Ria: vocals

Young stick,
what makes you tick?
Signifyin,' always tryin'
To make the magic scene
They got people on highs here,
people on lows
Highs and lows
And everything in between . . .

I guess your angels really get a kick out of you
Nobody knows you, nobody owns you
Or cares what you do
So do it all! Do it now!
Do it from your heart!
'Cause you never ever look as good
As you do when you're falling . . .  falling apart    
'Cause you never ever look as good
As you do when you're falling  . . .