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The 2020 Six-Month Mentorship in Energy Healing
Details and Logistics:
First off, thank you for your interest in the 2020 energy healing mentorship. If you haven't already done so, please read the other items about the mentorship (see the box to the right).
This will be the eighth 6-month mentorship I have taught since 2011. Since each one has been unique, the main thing I can give you here is a skeleton description:
Each month:
  • One day workshop
  • One personal session
  • One group videoconference
  • Telephone and email support between meetings
This is where a mentorship differs from a class of instruction with a set curriculum. I will provide a framework, projects and exercises, but the unique content of any mentorship rises in large part out of:
  • your personal practice and process
  • your professional practice
  • your inquiry and interests
  • your needs as a developing healer
These are the elements that make a mentorship go. I am there as a resource, but the shape of the mentorship depends on where your burning questions take us.
TBD: Once the group forms, we will have a video-conference calendar session to plan six-months of 1-day workshops and teleconferences.
TBD: If there is a concentration of participants in one geographical area, most of the in-person meetings would logically take place there.
If participants are spread out geographically, then we'll have to get creative. As a result, each of us needs to factor in some travel. For example, consider how it would be to travel to the Bay Area or Sacramento area . . . or to Ashland, OR for at least some of the sessions.
Cost: $1998 (=$333 per month)
Have you read the other items (above to the right)?
Still interested?
Let's talk.
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