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Six-month mentorships for
individuals and small groups

It takes time . . . to become acclimated to a teaching.

It takes time . . . and discipline to develop a regular practice that allows universal principles of energy and consciousness to become operational in you.

It takes time . . . to come to a level of change that you can truly appreciate.

For these reasons, this mentorship program is an ideal framework for your growth and development and for your understanding of energy, consciousness, healing and development.

This is your opportunity to

  • Take your practice and understanding of energy healing to a new level;

  • Work in a purposeful, focused way with the processes of energy healing and the expression of your gifts;

  • In a small group mentorship, you will work within the group energy we create together; the periods between our meetings become as rich and valuable as our direct encounters;

  • Collaborate as partners in nurturing your personal and professional development in a natural and dynamic way, without the limitations of a set curriculum.

Read Jim's

2014 self-interview about the mentorship program

Is this energy healing mentorship for you?

Take this little self-administered

"9 x 10 test."

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