Miracle Year

Songs from the

Land of the Valley Fire

Songs from the
Land of the Valley Fire
On Schedule to Drop in
Early 2021!!

The Sitka Rose Band is:

Jim Gilkeson: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards and Cajon

Reed Bentley: Drums

Uffe Stender Hansen: Electric Guitar and Bass

Ria Rees: Vocals

Phillipe Pansarde: Bass

Jorge Paulo: Electric Guitar and Synth

Moe Howard: Synth-cello

Walter Sydoriak: Mandolin

Bob Lalich: Bouzouki

Special Guest: Daniel Sperry: Cello

The Songs (Lyrics & Whimsical Notes)

1. In California

2. Family Reunion

3. Wannabes

4. Travel Anyway

5. Endless Walkers

6. Rapture of the Deep

7. Can You Feel It?

8. Sid Ol' Kid

9. If the World's Getting Warmer (How Come You're So Cold to Me?)

10. Miracle Year

11. The Fire at the End of the World