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BLOG: "THE INNER PILGRIM AND HEALER" ~ free subscription ~


~ accessibly priced in-person healing sessions ~

~ online individual instruction and/or distance healing ~


~ a chance to dive in deeper, over an extended period of time ~

Energy Healing Resources

My goal is to create a resource to serve the needs and interests of those who are drawn to energy healing. A particular focus is the needs of therapeutic bodyworkers who are seeking to integrate energy principles and practices into their healing work, their personal development and their spiritual and creative lives.


​These resources include

  • My blog, “The Inner Pilgrim and Healer”: my best ideas, writings and practices on energy healing, drawn from nearly forty years of practice.

  • Online and in-person healing sessions and classes;

  • Books and CDs;

  • Referrals to other practitioners and teachers.


Thanks to the Internet, these resources are available worldwide.

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