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Class Fee: $26.40 (incl. PayPal fee)


- Online Resources by Jim Gilkeson


In this 2-hour online workshop, I will take up issues in several essential areas of energywork practice, both for your personal inner work and your development as a healer working with others.

I try, in my approach to teaching energy healing, to stay as non-modality-bound as I can so that I can present principles and practices that will apply no matter what healing modality you practice.

This will be a live online workshop and an opportunity for you to hatch some new ideas for your energywork practice and meet colleagues and kindred spirits.



An Experience-Based Approach to Energywork - Cultivate trust in the authority of your own experience as the starting point for authentic practice in energy healing


Essential Energywork Practices - Proactively install a rhythm in your life around essential disciplines of energywork practice and inner work, parallel to your external practice.

Joyful Expression of Your Qualities - Cultivate the unique qualities that you have brought into this life for expression.


Your Evolving Approach to Healing Work - Patiently cultivate your practice by appreciating the cycles and phases of learning energy healing as your work becomes increasingly aligned with your calling.


The Communication Task - Skillfully build bridges of understanding and compassion to those you serve.

Connection with Your Healing Partners - Skillfully engage with healing partners through touch at the interface of structure and energy and with yourself by skilled use of your awareness.


Healing Work and Service - Intentionally make your professional healing practice a service to the world and those who come to you.



Dec. 7th at 5:00 pm Pacific  / 8:00 pm Eastern

Jan. 11th at 9:00 am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern

(Both of the above dates will let you have the whole course.)


COST: $25 + $1.40 processing fee (payment by PayPal to

When signing up, please specify which date you want to attend. If you live outside of the USA, please make sure that the time will work for you.

Your PayPal payment reserves your place in one of these workshops. You will receive via email a link to the video-conference.

If you, for any reason, would like a different way of paying, please contact me.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,



Class Fee: $26.40 (incl. PayPal fee)

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