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Mentorship is first and foremost a relationship. This makes it different from a class. Of course, knowledge and information and techniques are passed on in that relationship. But the main thing you go into a mentorship for is to be in a relationship with someone who has been at it a long time and who embodies something of the spirit of whatever the discipline happens to be.

Mentorship takes time. It takes time to become acclimated to a teaching. To take your next step in anything—and energy healing is no exception—it takes time and discipline to develop a regular practice that allows universal principles to become operational in you. It takes time to come to a level of change that you can truly appreciate.

Mentorship in energy healing is not an entry-level thing. It doesn't take the place of the basic classes you need for your credential to work as a bodyworker. Ideally, it should come after you have learned some chops and had some time “out there” working with others. That way, you have had some experiences, made some mistakes, and gotten into situations that bring up your next set of questions.


Did I have a mentorship in energy healing? Not a “formal” one, but yes, definitely. My wife at the time was, and is, an exceptionally gifted energy healer. She'd gotten her wings long before we ever met. We were in ongoing classes with  a teacher named Bob Moore in Ringkøbing, Denmark, in the 1980s. The healing work there was all from the inside out, which was fine with me; my pre-history was my nine years in a semi-monastic spiritual order, so I was very interested in meditative practices. ​Between the two of them, I had my mentorship.
   I write extensively about this period of my life in my memoir
Three Lost Worlds.

The bottom line is this: if there is the right chemistry, a mentorship relationship can provide an essential environment for growing our gifts. There are many things in energy healing that you just can't get from reading about it. But you really do learn a lot by spending a dedicated period of time with someone with experience and a similar calling, who is also a friend. It's how children learn.


Personally: It is possible that I will be moving away from the West Coast sometime this year. As a result, I do not know how many more times I will be offering a mentorship in this form.


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