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About Myself

I was born a few years after world War II in the lower  middle of the North American continent, attended university in the late 1960s, was a brother in a Christian mystical order for nine years, lived in Europe for eleven years, was married for 17 years before moving to Northern California. There, I worked in health services at a hot springs retreat center until the Valley Fire of 2015 burned the place down. I now live with my partner, Diane Tegtmeier, in Southern Oregon.

I date my involvement with energy healing back to 1972, when I first laid hands on another person with healing intent. Not that I had any clue back then about what I was up to, still the person seemed to feel better and something about the experience made sense to me. Since then, count the years, I have had various teachers and role models. Thankfully, none of them were the sort to insist that I do things their way, so I have been free to grow into a teacher and practitioner in my own right.

I’ve always been drawn to the psycho-spiritual side of energy healing, and the inner lives of persons who have the qualities of a healer. This interest in the growth and education of the healer has taken me into teaching and writing.

The writing of my books, A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process and Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth, has been a way of bringing into form the principles and practices that have informed my path in energy healing.

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