About Jim

Jim Gilkeson has more than forty years of experience in meditation and energy healing. He is the author of two books on energy healing, A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process and Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth. Jim was an ordained brother in a semi-monastic spiritual order in his twenties and early thirties. He lived in Europe for eleven years, where he returns regularly to teach energy healing in Scandinavia. He was on the health services staff at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California for fifteen years until Harbin was destroyed in the Valley Fire of 2015. During that time, Jim also practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area and taught energy-oriented meditation and bodywork at four schools of bodywork and massage in northern California, before moving to Ashland, OR with his partner, Diane Tegtmeier. Jim is also active as a writer and musician.