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The Inner Pilgrim
and Healer
Three Lost Worlds is finished!
(Available everywhere on November 1, 2022)

Order your signed copy of Three Lost Worlds direct from the author and get FREE SHIPPING!
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Recent Literary Ashland interview with Jim about Three Lost Worlds:
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". . . a story that no one would believe except for those of us who were there. Read Three Lost Worlds if you want to know how we can reincarnate, as many times as needed, within the life we currently hold.”
“Three Lost Worlds surprised me! I really couldn’t put it down. A delightful read, both humorous and serious . . .  at times, it brought a tear to my eyes. I loved it and highly recommend it!”
~Mary Kamiński, The Netherlands

~Lia Findley Jennings,
Managing Director, Harbin Hot Springs
“This book should be a best seller. It’s not just a biography, but a lived-in perspective on the creative, cultural ferment of the 70’s. Three Lost Worlds is like visiting an amusement park of the mind.”
~Diana Lonsdale Haynes,
former director of the Auburn School of Health & Wellness
“Thanks for this reminder about the lessons and the journeys to places we could never have known about if we had just followed what was put before us. Beautifully written!”
~Lisa Upledger, DC, CST-D, FIAMA


Mammoth Publications,

Healdsburg, CA

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© 2023 by Samanta Jonse. Proudly created with

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