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Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth is the best book I’ve seen on this subject."

~Elmer Green, Ph.D.,

Director Emeritus, the Menninger Clinic’s Biofeedback Center,

author of Beyond Biofeedback


"Jim Gilkeson has a clear, accessible, humble, and open-hearted approach to energy teaching. His meditations are practice-based and useful for human creatures at all phases of growth."

~Jennifer Gouine, Davis, CA

​"The skills I learned . . . , both for self-healing and for working with my clients in an energy based bodywork practice, have been indispensable. Jim's teaching style is filled with his enthusiasm for life and is steeped in his own years of deep practice. It is clear that Jim's work on himself is the resource from which he teaches."

~Amrit Rai, Mill Valley, CA

"Open your mind, open your heart and prepare to challenge what you think you know about yourself and nature of energy and healing. Jim Gilkeson's interactive and experiential courses always exceed expectation."

- Sandra Dolber-Smith, Davis, CA

“I have been deeply impressed with Jim Gilkeson's teaching and healing work for many years and know that practitioners every- where have been awaiting his next book. A Pilgrim in Your Body will not only help practitioners make the transition from bodyworker to healer but will educate anyone interested in the healing potentials of energy work. This is an important book!”

~Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D.,

author of The Lens of Perception: A Users Guide to Higher Consciousness

"While so many teachers and authors make energywork into a rather cerebral exercise of what energy centers do and their associative colors, emotions, and whatnot, Jim, in his signature practical and grounded way, encourages everyone to get in touch with their actual experience - to feel, be with, and listen to what is true and real within themselves."

~Bonnie Veblen, Davis, CA

“Jim Gilkeson established himself as an important spokesperson for holistic approaches to wellness in Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth. His new book, A Pilgrim in Your Body, continues his teachings of wise, pragmatic solutions to balancing among spirit, body, intellect, and emotion. His kind wisdom and humor accompany the reader through in-depth discussion of energy healing and exercises. He demystifies energy healing and makes it accessible to new as well as experienced practitioners.”

~ Denise Low, Ph.D.,

author of Touching the Sky and Words of a Prairie Alchemist

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