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A Self-Administered Test for the
Energy Healing Mentorship



This little self-rating questionnaire is intended to help you dig into the question: "Is this mentorship program the right thing for me at this time?" Take a moment and rate yourself on a one-to-ten scale on these questions:

1.)  Rate your Interest and Curiosity: How lively is my personal inquiry into energy healing?

10 = Energy healing is one of my main interests at this time. In one form or another, it is part of my everyday life.

0 = I never think about energy healing or bodywork.

2.)  Rate your willingness to learn new things, as opposed to simply confirming what you already know:


10 = I'm ready for new input and new perspectives and learning.

0 = I'm satisfied with my current practice and knowledge of energy healing.

3.)  Rate the timing of this program for you: How timely is this for me?


10 = Very timely. I've been pointed in this direction for a long time and this the time for me to be doing this.

0 = I don't know. I've got many other things asking for my attention and I don't know if it is the right time to do this.

4.) Rate your willingness to do new meditations and practices: 


10 = Very ready. These practices are a big reason why I want to participate in the mentorship.

0 =  Actually, I already have a set of practices I've been doing for years and I don't want to deviate from them. 


5.) Rate your ability to afford the $ necessary to do take part in the mentorship program: How does it look for me in terms of finances?


10 = No problem. I have the finances for this.

0 = I'd like to come but I don't have the money for it.

6.) Rate your ability to afford the time necessary to do this: How ready am I to commit the time necessary for the mentorship program?


10 - Totally. The proposed dates fit perfectly with my schedule and I am able to devote plenty of time to this work.

0 =  I don't know. I have fourteen children and three jobs and so many things going on that I would have to find some way to squeeze this mentorship into an already full schedule.


7.) Rate the meaning of this mentorship program for your calling: To what degree is this being driven by my emerging qualities and my sense of my calling?


10 = I see this as part of my calling.

0 = Actually, this was my mom's idea.

8.) Rate the impact of doing this mentorships on your significant relationships: How do my relationships fare when I take steps in my personal and professional development?


10 = My family/spouse/close relations truly understand my path in life and are very supportive of me.

0 = My family/spouse/close relations have no real clue about what I'm doing as a healer and they go crazy whenever I am involved with things that require time away from them or cause me to go through changes, and more so if it costs money.


9.) Rate how you see your field of expression: To what degree do I have a place to express my emerging gifts, personally and professionally?


10 = I have a healing practice and a personal daily practice and this will feed all of what I do, personally and professionally.

0 = I don't have a professional practice or a personal practice and don't foresee actually using what I learn.

Add up your ratings. If your self-rating score came to 45 or under, this mentorship program is probably not for you at this time. But if your rating came out significantly closer to 90, then it looks like this is right down your alley, and the time is right.

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