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Lesson 2



Polarity in Energywork







Polarity is a big subject in energywork, as it is in the rest of life. We talk of “polarization” when there is a separation of the poles. Then there is a short circuit, a lack of flow in the system, whether we’re talking about electricity, interpersonal relationships, politics or the energy movement in our bodies. But when poles are allowed to meet and interact, we find a way out of polarization and open up a world of new possibilities. When poles meet in a balanced blend of yin and yang, new things are born. In this lesson, we will explore what happens when we create such a balanced blend in our energy systems.


Polarity in Energywork

Why do people regularly experience flashes of insight during energy healing treatments, and an infusion of fresh energy that seems to carry them forward in their lives? This question kept me busy for a long time. It seems that energy treatments, especially those that involve balancing the polarities in a person’s body and psyche, allow something new to drop in from other dimensions. It’s as if those other dimensions were just waiting in the wings, so to speak, for that extra bit of balance.


Here, balance is not something static or frozen, like a restaurant saltshaker poised on a grain of salt. In the world of energy and consciousness, balance is a dynamic, ongoing process of blending and re-blending the forces that act upon us and within us. Though it applies to energywork in general, I’m thinking in particular about hands-on polarity energy-balancing treatments. In these, we place our hands on pairs of energy-active “polarity positions” on either side of our partner’s body. Then we simply allow the energetic exchange between our hands to take place. As polarities in our partner’s body and energy system blend with each other, they begin to interact and come into a circulation. They balance each other out, so to speak, and this invites new movement. In time, the energetic system of the person receiving the treatment will naturally shift into a balanced state, and this brings with it a host of effects including the release of tension, relaxation, energization, faster recovery from injuries and diseases.


Putting Sacred Geometry to Work

We can put this same principle to work in our energy-oriented meditation practice by introducing the element of balance into the mix. For this, we’ll call up some knowledge of sacred geometry. Geometric shapes: circles, squares, triangles, semi-circles, etc. all have distinct ways of configuring energy. For our purposes, we will make use of triangles which are configurations of balance.


It’s not hard to see this at work when we apply triangles in a knowledgeable way to our energy systems. A simple way to do this is to select pairs of energy-active positions that appear on both sides of our bodies and bring them into a circulation with a third position, in this case, a position on our midline. Here, we use the same three-step strategy of connection that you practiced in Lesson 1. 


Let’s review that strategy briefly before going to our exercises:

In our first lesson, you used a simple three-part technique for connecting consciously with the energy that enlivens your body. While it applies to anyplace you might place your attention on your body, this is especially useful when you connect with energy-active positions on your body. This includes the major energy centers on the midline of your body, acupuncture points and meridians, to name a few. They all behave the same way. Let’s look at the three main elements again:

  • Feeling connection: This means you are making a kinesthetic connection; that is to say you are feeling the location where you put your attention, rather than thinking about it or visualizing it;

  • Relaxed attention: When you have made your connection, you make your attention a bit loose, a bit “fuzzy,” rather than fixing it in one place. This allows your awareness to be mobile enough to be drawn into the energy movement at the location you are conndcting with;

  • Here, you are going into neutral, so to speak, and letting the energy center do the work of drawing your awarness into itself. This means you are not trying to make anything happen and not trying to prevent anything from happening.


Now let’s see what this looks like in action.


Exercise 1: Hands/Heart Triangle


Energy-Active Positions used in this Exercise:

  • Hand Centers: Middle of your palm

  • Heart Center: middle of your upper chest




Exercise 2: Feet/Sacrum Triangle


Energy-Active Positions used in this Exercise:

  • Foot Centers: Middle of your sole, slightly toward your toes

  • Sacral Center: middle of your sacrum, the downward-pointing triangle of bone at the base of your spine






Homework: “Taking On” the Triangle Exercises

The best way to really learn the effects of doing an energy exercise is to “take it on” for a while. Taking on an energy exercise means doing the exercise, taking a break of a day or two, and then repeating it, and continuing this cycle over a period of time, as opposed to just doing it once.


Remember that when you do energy exercises, you are opening up a way for your energy system to come into greater balance. This is especially true for exercises that relate to bringing polarities together, like these triangle exercises which involve the right and left sides of your body in combination with a neutral third point.


So our homework is to take on the two triangle exercises for a week. My suggestion is to alternate between them each day: hands and heart one day; feet and sacrum the next. Then take stock of what has come up in you during the week:

  • Were you able to connect with all three positions?

  • Were some easier than others, some more difficult?

  • What happens when you finally “assemble” the triangle configuration with all three positions and settle in to it?

  • What comes forward in you during the short meditation at the end?

  • When you look at the whole week of taking on the triangle exercises, what kinds of things have come up for you in your dreams, in your physical body and emotionally?

  • Make some notes: this is your energy work laboratory!















Getting the Most Out of these Energy Exercises

There is an intentional design to these exercises. They are constructed specifically to

  • allow you to enter some area of experience;

  • in some cases, create the opportunity for emotional, physical and mental release;

  • draw in energy from higher dimensions of consciousness, then come back to normal body awareness and integrate what you have connected with during the exercise.


Here are some guidelines that will help you do these exercises in a safe, balanced way:

  • Find an appropriate time. Certain times of day might be better than others for doing energy exercise. Experiment around until you find good times for you. Know also that doing certain exercises just before going to bed can tend to keep you awake.

  • Allow time between exercises: When you do an exercise, it increases the interaction between your body, mind and energy field. This process needs time to run its course so you can integrate the experience.

  • Be precise. Be sure you know the anatomical locations of the energy-active positions you are working with.

  • Observe good body posture. An erect, relaxed posture with your feet or your bottom on the ground is most conducive to breathing easily and creating a good contact with the earth.

  • No marathons. This means sticking with the time periods that are part of the instructions of each exercise. When you have a specific time for a meditation, it puts a a mechanism in place for coming back from whatever you encounter in the exercise.

  • Do all the steps: Again, there is a beginning, middle and end designed into these execises;

  • Keep a journal, either written or tape-recorded.

  • Honor the Context: Finally, an important request: Please keep these exercises to yourself. They are coming to you in the context of this course which prepares you to work with them. Unless you are willing and prepared to do the same for those with whom you would share this work, don’t piecemeal it out.


Our Next Lesson: Energy Exercise with an Orange

In next week’s lesson, we will touch on what I call “ancient spiritual technology.” This has to do with the way our forebears looked to nature for knowledge about the cosmos in both the inner and outer worlds. A well-known example is the ancient maxim “As above, so below” came out of the insight that the macrocosm of nature and the microcosm reflect each other. Next time we meet, we will learn a couple of practices derived from looking into the mirror of Nature.


(Intertwined Bonsai graphic copyright by Goruppa. Used with permission.)

(Sprout graphic copyright by Aimee Eldridge. Used with permission.)

(Music by Katherine Loo. Used with permission.)

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"Many men are scared of women and many women are scared of men, but what they are actually scared of is themselves. These polarities exist within us and what we are scared of is what these polarities create."

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