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Multi-Hands Healing Retreat

Feb. 28th - Mar. 2nd, 2020

Four Springs Retreat Center

Middletown, CA / USA

An invitation for You!

A unique opportunity to devote time to your own healing process,

as well as dive deeply into your own practice

of skilled touchwork

in a quiet, natural setting.

Multi-hands healing offers a unique opportunity to work closely with a small pod of fellow practitioners and create a healing space for those whom you will treat together. Of course, you will be both giving and receiving in your group. There will be instruction in technical considerations, including:

  • A framework for working in small teams;

  • A review of the basics of non-forcing release techniques;

  • New energy-oriented personal exercises.


Your healing process will be in the foreground. This will be an opportunity to give and get multi-hands healing work, something that is difficult to replicate outside of a retreat setting. For many practitioners in my acquaintance, this kind of work helps them move their work to a new level and get their wings as healers.

All kinds of DETAILS
Lodging, Food, Costs



Click here for my blog posting:

"The Multi-Handed Healing Team".

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