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The idea for a CD came naturally. In classes, one of the most popular things is the "walk-throughs" in which I would guide the meditation. So this is a small selection of easy-to-access energy-based exercises.

My composer cousin, Kathrine Loo, was kind enough to let me use one of her recordings for the musical interludes.

Inner Pilgrimages: Journeys into the World of Energy and Consciousness
—(CD with an 8-page booklet)—

This is a CD in which I walk you through energy exercises designed to help you make safe, conscious connection with your energy field and use that connection in your meditative practice.

Why Do Energy Exercises?

In order to make sense of all the talk about energy and consciousness, we need to find some way to actually go into it. It will not help us to know in theory about how other people respond to healing and energy movement if we do not know our own personal response. The rhythm and dynamic of healing and spiritual growth is one thing when we read about it on paper and quite another when we enter the process with our own bodies and consciousnesses. We need a laboratory where we can sit down, probe into the way we are organized, and have experiences that will close the gap between theory and practice.


Three main purposes which join in doing energy exercise:

  • One is in order to take steps toward becoming a "laboratory" for our personal exploration of consciousness;

  • Another is self-healing;

  • Another is the expansion of our capacities as healers.



1. Introduction

2. Journey Through the Body

3. Hands-Heart Triangle

4. Feet-Sacrum Triangle

5.  "Lacing"

6.  Final Word

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