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Resources for Energy Healing

Morning Energy Exercises and Meditations

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"When Energy Healing Meets Meditation" is an open-access resource, available to you regardless of your ability to pay. Like all the open-access offerings on this site, my intention is to make these resources available to those who cannot afford to attend classes.


If you can afford to donate, I encourage you to do so. This maintains the balance of giving and receiving among us and supports this work and this site. THANK YOU!


I will be gone from July 17th - 26th


10:00 am - MEET

10:15 - 10:30 am MEDITATION

10:30 - 10:45 OPEN DISCUSSION


After you settle in, connect with the feeling of these words (one per day) and what they mean to you:

Fri. 7/17: "My Expression"

(and what's keeping me from it)

7/19: "My Source"

7/20: "My Calling"

7/21: "My Grounding"

​7/22: "My Root Situation"

(home, livelihood, support, etc.)

7/23: "My Direction"

7/24: "My Center"

Morning Energy Meditations

These morning sessions are offered as a resource for your daily practice. We are in a time when inner skills such as centering, grounding and stillness are more important than ever. In each session, we will take a journey into the world of energy and consciousness and end with a ten-minute meditation.

If you are new to energy-system-based meditation, please check out my eight-lesson series

"When Energy Healing Meets Meditation."

This course can be accessed under '"Online Course" in the the drop-down menu above.

This is an open-access resource.

See the open-access and donation policy below.

What's New?
Breakout Rooms

After each meditation, you can stay for a brief breakout session to share your experiences with a partner, a simple way to integrate your experiences.

More Teaching

While your experiences will always be your main teacher, I will take time following our breakout sessions for your comments and questions and to add perspective to these practices.

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