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RESOURCES: From the Inner Pilgrim and Healer Blog:

Series: “WAX ON, WAX OFF!” BACK TO BASICS" - This is a series of postings about what I regard as basic practice. By “basic” I mean simple, not a lot of complexity to it. This is different from easy. The title of the series comes from the words of Mr. Miyagi in the film “The Karate Kid” as he taught his young student basic moves that would show up in everything he would learn thereafter in karate. It’s the same with energywork practice. READ MORE of the series introduction.


7/24/2017 - Energy Connection in You  (wowo-1) - Remembering that "simple" does not always mean "easy," here are three basic elements of conscious energy connection in your own body and energy field: READ MORE


7//2/2017 - Develop a “Dropping In” Ritual for Your Meditative Practices (wowo-2) - Part of what i get into here is how I work with the inevitable distractions that can get in the way of settling into a mediation of inner practice. We look at the nature of rituals in general: READ MORE


7/10/2017 - Unnecessary Distractions (wowo-3) - Some distractions are part of meditative practice, even useful, but we’ll get to those a bit later. Others are not useful  READ MORE


7/12/2017 -Inner Distractions (wowo-4) - In doing inner practices, it's natural that we encounter what's going on in our heads and hearts. The big trap here is the tendency to fight your own thinking and feelings and attempt to turnthem off. It's a trap, and ultimately READ MORE

9/5/2017 - Two Swiss Army Knives (wowo-5) - Two universal tools in the world of energy and consciousness, always useful, always in season. Together, they create an elegant means for you to enter your interior process, explore, develop your gifts and touch the READ MORE

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