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Hi to everyone,

Thanks to all of you who have participated in our morning energy exercises and meditations.


A Couple of Practical Items:

Recordings: If you want to access the recordings of these video meditations, let me know and I will add you to the share list on Dropbox. Please note: I will keep each recording for 1 week.

Donations: The question has come from some of you about making a donation for these meditations. It is a kind offer but here is what I would prefer:

Instead of a donation to me, consider one of the following:

"Pay it forward" 

Create a service of some kind that answers a need you are aware of in your world, your family, your circle of friends.

Make a donation to:

Partners in Health

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers)


Our Meditation Schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: Please use this list of links. It replaces all earlier lists.

Thurs., April 2 at 10 am PST:

Fri., April 3 at 10 am PST:

Sat., April 4: NO MEDITATION

Sun., April 5 at 10 am PST:

Mon., April 6 at 10 am PST:

Tues., April 7 at 10 am PST:

Wed., April 8 at 10 am PST:

Thurs., April 9 at 10 am PST:

Fri. April 10 at 10 am PST:


Much love to you all!

Stay healthy, stay creative, stay connected.



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