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  • Jim Gilkeson

Stillness and Seeing the World

“All real living is meeting.”

~Martin Buber

some thoughts on Eclipse day,

August 21, 2017

I walk by a downtown store window on a sunny day. It takes a special shift in my seeing to look into the store and not just be blinded by my own reflection in the glass. I sit on the back deck under a tall maple tree, engulfed in my own thoughts, then drop into something different. Hearing is sudden. Birds and squirrels reveal themselves around me, no longer hidden behind my projected thoughts. The quieter I get, the more I see. Much is born in gratitude and stillness, even the silent repair of the world.

Energy healing practice invites stillness. This applies to what you do within yourself in a meditative way or in healing work with others. Stay with the tumble of thoughts and emotions inside you. Hang in there and listen for what comes after. When the noise in your body drops down and falls away, you can find yourself curiously empty and full at the same time.

Connection with energy movement is a skill that can be practiced. It begins with allowing a feeling connection with what you place your awareness on and what you touch. It continues with relaxing your attention without losing connection. From there, slip into neutral, neither trying to make something happen nor trying to keep something from happening. Energy connection is a skill that begins with allowing.

Practice this when you sit and turn your awareness to some place in your body. Practice this when you touch something or someone. How much can you simply bring your awareness into your hand and just be there, neither running after nor running away from the sensations that present themselves to you? It takes a while for the noise in you to subside enough to meet the world, riding it like a leaf on water.

Copyright ©, 2017 by Jim Gilkeson. All rights reserved.

Illlustration by Aimee Eldridge. Used with permission.

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