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Healing the Split

(Special thanks to my brother Bruce Gilkeson for touching on this subject recently.)

I want to offer my two cents' worth in this time following the US election. The divisions in our country are deep. The president-elect is right when he calls for a period of national healing. Obviously easier said than done. It's also obvious to me that this has to happen on all levels, if it is to happen at all.

The word commonly used to describe our situation is "polarization." What is not said is that we are seeing what happens when the polarities of our society are not behaving in a healthy, harmonious way.

Here is a basic idea in energy healing: No system thrives when there is not communication between opposites, be it in our bodies, our communities or our politics. The polarities at work in our lives have to interact, blend their activity and come into balance, or else we fall ill. In Chinese medicine, this is expressed as the natural need for Yin and Yang to come together in a balanced blend. Yin does not stop being Yin, and Yang doesn't cease being Yang, but when they interact and harmonize, there is peace.

And there is creation of something new.

This cannot happen if Yin and Yang are estranged. They have to talk with each other.

One level of healing that we can get our hands on is personal. I approach this in the belief that what we do in our own individual sphere will affect the greater whole. Let's start with doing some simple things to allow Yin and Yang to interact and harmonize.

Here is a link to an online lesson from my open-access series "When Energy Healing Meets Meditation." In it, you will find a couple of guided energy exercises that express these principles.

Watch for future blog postings in which I will expand on this idea.

I wish you all the best,


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