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More Reflections on Multi-Hands Healing


As I get ready to offer another multi-hands healing retreat in May, I have been collecting together some reflections from the last one we held last October. As a result, this posting is addressed more to the already-active healing practitioners among you.

Along with my small-group mentorships, multi-hands healing retreats have come to occupy a special place in my world. What both of these have in common is that they are a world apart from the constraints of the usual bodywork school classroom. While the mentorship unfolds over a significant time (six months) and flows to the specific needs and interests of the group members in an ever-deepening relationship, multi-hands retreats provide an intensive real-time opportunity for deep and formative experience, both as a therapist and a receiver of healing work.

Working in a small multi-handed team, once a trusting cooperation is established, personal processes tend to unfold at a quicker, more intensive pace than when working with a single therapist. I think this is a natural response to the bigger, deeper container of the session. It's rare in most people's experience to ever be held in a healing space like this, and that is what multi-hands healing work is all about. It is not uncommon for the members of the small groups to come away from these retreats feeling they had come to the edge of what they know about healing work or, as a receiver, about their own healing process. And, looking back to those moments, that is often where participants say they got their wings as a a therapist.


Announcing a

Multi-Hands Healing Retreat

May 13 - 16, 2019

Four Springs Retreat Center

Middletown, CA

For more information, click here.


As a final comment: a multi-hands healing retreat is obviously not for everybody and not for the beginning bodyworker who is in the early stages of "tooling up." But I can think of nothing more appropriate at certain stages of a healer's development than the experience of working in a small team, letting go of the strictures of a single healing modality, and opening to the potential of what we can do together.


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