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  • Jim Gilkeson

Welcome to the Inner Pilgrim and Healer Blog

​​Here begins a new blog—a new life for the former “Energy Healing Newsletter.” What you will be getting is my best ideas, tips and writings on energy healing. Welcome!

A blog strikes me as a streamlined newsletter, which is good. The original “Energy Healing Newsletter” died the dinosaur’s death of un-streamlined creatures, overweight with multi-step meditative energy exercises, appointment calendars and plugs for workshops. Not only that: there was the expectation that the thing would appear, like the phone bill, every month. For a time, it served as a disciplined writing task, and much of it did find its way into my second book A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process. All good, but as time wore on my resistance grew and the writing spirit waned in me.

My hope with this new blog is to return to the original intent of the “Energy Healing Newsletter” which is to create a running chautauqua on the teaching and learning of energywork, a resource for those who would like to learn the craft of energy healing in the context of spiritual growth. It is a contribution to a spirituality interested in grounding, centering and expanding consciousness, while maintaining an engagement with everyday life. In the process, I will from time to time resurrect older writings and present them in the light of my current thoughts.

Your comments and questions are welcome. In fact, I am very interested in questions and observations coming from your personal practice and your work with others. Your issues and concerns about the practice of energy healing will help to shape this blog.

I don’t know where this will go, but welcome aboard; we’ll go there together!

All the best to you.


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