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Crickets, Heaters and Angels

In energy healing workshops, students sometimes have experiences that are hard to square with their previous notions and beliefs about how things are. I don't know how many times I have heard the question,“Was that real, or did I just imagine it?”

Involvement with energywork definitely does something with your idea of what is real, and it's not uncommon for a person's beliefs about what's real to get overhauled.

Here are three reflections on the question, "Is it real?"

"Not Real"

Once, during a workshop in Munich, I showed a participant where the energy-active position at her shoulder was, using my middle finger about half an inch away from her physical shoulder. Energy was intense around us all because of the practices we had been doing. When her shoulder point reacted, it really reacted, sending a wave of energy up and down her body. There was an almost audible “snap!” She flinched and began crying.

"It didn’t hurt," she said, but suddenly feeling something that's not real upset me deeply."

After that encounter with the woman in Munich, I now often answer the question "Is it real?" with another question, “Did it have a real effect on you?”

"God's Cricket Choir"

An interesting thing came in over the transom today: "God's Cricket Choir." This is a recording made by composer Jim Wilson. First, he made a track of crickets at normal speed and then made a double of that track, played at a much slower speed. Mixed together, the result is like an undulating choir of voices, beautiful and ethereal. Great for a sound meditation. It had a deep effect on me.

If you Google around for this, you will also see that the debunkers have gone after these heavenly crickets, trying to expose this recording as a "hoax." This being a backyard recording, the tracks were probably enhanced, at least to the point of removing distracting sounds. Does that mean it's not real? Give it a listen and see what you think. Then ask yourself the question from the first vignette: "Does this have a real effect?"

You can check out the YouTube version of Jim Wilson's cricket choir here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqU5OMNL-7I&t=80s

Angelic Voices

Music educator Nora Berzheim told me a story about Michael Vetter, the German teacher of overtone singing, which sheds an interesting light on the question "Is it real?" Vetter’s specialty is instructing his students in the art of using their voices to produce sounds that fan out into harmonics. If you have heard Tibetan chanting or Tuvan throat-singing, you know the curious and special quality of this style of singing. A single singer can set the atmosphere in a room to ringing like a bell, vibrating with a chiming reverberation. One of the by-products of learning to produce overtones is that your ear becomes attuned to the overtones in everyday sounds.

The story Nora told me goes like this: Michael Vetter goes to visit his dying mother. Many members of the family are gathered around her as she lies there, passing in and out of consciousness. No one expects her to survive many more days. It is winter and the house’s steam radiators hiss, crackle and creak as the heat passes through them. Vetter’s overtone-sensitized hearing is drawn into the “song” of the radiators and by and by, he can hear their overtones. He finds he can attune to one overtone, and then the next and the next. In this way, he is able to “climb the harmonic ladder.” It helps him pass the time.

Presently, the family members in the room begin to stir and, quite unexpectedly, Vetter’s mother opens her eyes, suddenly bright with joy. She tells them she was drifting in a reverie when she heard the singing of the angels. She knew they were singing for her. What her son “knew” to be the overtones of the radiator, she “knew” to be the singing of the angels. She assures everyone that she is going to be all right. To prove it, she goes on to live several more years.


As of today, 1/8/18, there are now four reflections on the subject of "Is it Real?"

Here is a link to an article I wrote some years ago called

"Historical Instances of Energy Healing."

In part, it takes up the fateful encounter between Franz Anton Mesmer and Benjamin Franklin who spearheaded a commission tasked with an inquiry into Mesmer's energy healing work. They, too, were asking that stubborn question, "Is it real?"

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What's Coming Next? Very soon, I will post the first in a five-part series on Phases in Learning Energy Healing. We will look into a recurring cycle in the learning and mastery of energywork and, for that matter, any skill.

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