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A New Look at Grounding-Part 1

When you use energy-based practices, be it in your personal practice or in your work with others, the big perennial themes of energy healing come right into view. I’m talking about universal themes in the world of energy and consciousness like balance, centering, release and integration. These are among the issues that come into play regardless of what kind of energetic work you do.

At the top of the list of these perennial themes is grounding, especially if you do healing work with others. This little series of blog posts is dedicated to this big recurring theme of energywork.

In classes, I sometimes hear beginning students say things like, “I felt strange while I was giving that treatment. I guess I forgot to ground myself.” This gives the impression that grounding is something you do once in a while, just before you give someone a healing treatment, and the rest of the time it’s kind of optional. It's not.

I have had my own personal learning curve with regard to grounding. As a teacher of energy-based hands-on healing work, I have seen plenty of reasons why energy healers need to get beyond a superficial understanding of grounding. To put it simply, grounding makes everything easier. It begins, of course, with the need to be at home in your body and in a good energetic exchange with the planet; this extends to your physical and psycho-spiritual foundation, and reflects into your environmental and social sphere.

I'd like to dedicate a few posts to this important subject. It is also, by the way, the subject of this month's online live mini-workshop. Let’s begin with some reasons why grounding is important in energy healing, especially if you work with others:

Some Compelling Reasons to Work with Your Lower Energy Centers (Especially if You Work with Clients)
  • The energy centers in your lower body create your grounding and your connection with the Earth and with everyday life;

  • Your lower centers of consciousness are able to ground what you draw into your consciousness via your upper centers. This means they allow you to contain and embody what comes to you from higher dimensions of consciousness. TIP: If you want your intuition and your sense of spiritual connection to perk up, work with your lower energy centers.

  • Your lower centers act as a pole to which your intuition flows. Again, if you want your intuition to increase its activity, work with your lower centers of consciousness. Otherwise, insights might come, but often, without adequate grounding and containment, what comes to you tends to be a flash in the pan.

  • Your ability to express yourself depends, in part, on the health of your Sacral Center, as it is energetically paired with your Throat Center. (More about that when we get into the energetic theme of expression.)

  • Your lower centers are emotional and, as such, they are sources of great power when they are healthy. Conversely, they are sources of internal obstacles when they are repressed and unable to release their emotional charge.

  • Presence: If you sometimes find yourself “spacing out,” or having trouble staying in your body and in the present moment, it is definitely time to learn how to work with the energy centers in your lower body.

  • Your creativity is linked to your lower energy centers. Accordingly, much of what blocks your creativity will be associated with these centers, too.

  • Grounding: If you work on other people, your ability to ground energy will be called on again and again. The energetic unit formed by you and your partner creates an amplified need for grounding, especially when your treatment partners have emotional or other kinds of releases of excess energy from their bodies.

  • Grounding again: Working with your lower centers helps you keep your feet on the ground and not get bowled over when energy is intense.

  • And, again, keeping your feet on the ground: Working with your lower centers helps you to stay out of some of the traps of ego-inflation that can show up—in some people . . . not with any of us, of course ;-)—when developing healing qualities.

I will continue with the subject of grounding in my next posting. As always, thank you for subscribing. Please feel free to add your comments and questions.

More soon . . .


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Diving Deeper: Check out this month's workshop:


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Feb. 8th at 9:00 AM Pacific Time/12 noon Eastern Time

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